Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today contestant is Family Guy writer, Travis Bowe.  Let’s see if he tweets match up to the show.


July 2nd:  “I don’t need to go wine tasting I already know I like it.”

Good point.  But it is a chance to drink the wine.  Peter did that in an episode I believe.

July 3rd:  “The only thing I’ll eat for breakfast is steel cut oatmeal. What is steel cut oatmeal?”

First rule of steel cut oatmeal, don’t talk about steel cut oatmeal.

July 3rd:  “Workplace tip: Make people think you’re cool my referring to your weekend as “my adventures.””

I could see “The Adventures of Travis Bowe”.  Something animated.  And you have a talking pet.  Probably a lemur.

July 3rd:  “Dwight Howard should just sign with the Yankees and get it over with.”

Or the Mets.  Can’t do any damage there.

July 3rd:  “Hat

That’s a good Vine.  I gotta get that app.

July 3rd:  “My mom’s catchphrase is: “where are my glasses?””

Mine is “Have you gotten a job yet?”

July 5th:  “People on Friends had a lot of leisure time.”

And enough money to live very comfortably in New York.

July 7th:  “”We’re calling you up to the big leagues.” “Nah. I have a cool apartment here. Nice little floor plan. I’m gonna stick with AAA.””

Hey, good feng shui is hard to find.

July 7th:  “”Shaken… and stirred.” Dumb James Bond”

“Do you expect me to die?”  Even dumber James Bond.

July 8th:  “It’s a good idea to let kids pre-board flights. You want those little guys on there as long as possible.”

Plus if the plane talks off without you, you’ll be kid-free to meet with your lawyers.

July 8th:  “I can’t believe Andy Murray won Wimbledon. That other guy was no Djokovic.”

You really do write for Tosh.O.

Okay, let’s rate Travis’s tweets.  Pretty solid stuff, could use some more behind-the-scenes, but otherwise nice.  I give Travis a 7 for Style, an 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s a solid 8 overall.   Follow Travis.

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