I had always heard about this movie and never caught more than a scene or two on television.  Out of context, I would always change the channel.  I never truly thought about giving this movie a chance until I read it was directed by David Wain.

This is Wain’s first direct feature and has several members of the State including Ken Marino, Michael Showwalter (who co-wrote with Wain), Michael Ian Black and Joe Lo Truglio.  But as I said, I hadn’t really seen the whole movie and was shocked to see that it also stars Janeane Garolafo, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler and crazily enough, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper in very early roles.  But crazier still, Christopher Meloni has probably the funniest role and H. Jon Benjamin has the most amazing voice cameo of all time.

The whole movie is a send up of 80’s movies with a summer camp theme.  Showalter and Wain set out to destroy and parody each and every moment.  I had no idea so many famous people were in this thing and how much funnier it is if you watch it from the beginning.  (You really need to watch the entire thing from the beginning to appreciate it and don’t miss the after-the-credits bit.)

In a lot of ways, it’s one long series of comedy sketches strung together with a very flimsy premise.  Even when it doesn’t work, you don’t really mind.  Wain’s early work is not to be missed.