I’ve been hearing about this Cuban zombie movie for about two years.  I discovered that it was on HBO this month and let me tell ya, it did not disappoint.

Juan of the Dead is about an aging, petty thief, Juan, who lives in Cuba.  One of the great things about the movie is that you really learn about life in Cuba.  You get a sense of the day to day and what people talk about.  It also lays the groundwork for the characters before the zombies even hit.  Juan is estranged from his daughter, who is preparing for a permanent trip to Miami.  He’s been in jail, but reforming is tough for him.

When the zombies hit, one of the funniest parts is how the Cuba government reacts.  Juan’s reaction is to start a business, “Juan of the Dead”, to help people remove their dead loved ones from their house.  The movie gets pretty funny and over-the-top, but it’s one of those films where you can forgive the indulgence.  Some of the crazy events are just funny to watch, especially a scene where some soldiers arrest Juan and his friends.

If you’re a zombie fan, this film is a must and even non-zombie fans will be amused by the antics of Juan.  Don’t miss this one, bros.