Our pledgemaster may not have a major, a hope of graduating, clean underwear or a room that doesn’t smell like farts, but he does have a great sense of frat.  Take heed!  Your pledgemaster speaks!

Fratty:  Season Three of The Walking Dead

Not sure which producer finally figured out that a zombie TV show should mostly center around killing zombie, but after two years, they figured it out!  Yeah!  Fratty!

Not Fratty:  The Presidential Debates

The most boring fucking duel of all time.  If they showed celebrity tits at the bottom of the screen the whole time, I still wouldn’t watch.

Probably Fratty:  New James Bond

After the worst James Bond movie ever, word is the new one is most awesome.  Don’t fuck with me on this movie people!

Kinda Not Fratty:  Baseball

How many fucking times do I have to miss the Simpsons?  There are sports channels for this shit!

Pretty Fratty:  U.S. and Iran Agree to Peace Talks

It would be nice to avoid war with one country on this planet.

Not at All Fratty:  Public Rampages

I’m not advocating suicide here, but if you’re going to take yourself out, please don’t take a bunch of innocent people with you.  Or at least do something cool like fight crime and hunt serial killers until organized crime finally takes you out.

Kinda Fratty:  Gourmet Hot Dog Places

Big surprise, fat guy likes food.  But seriously, just spicing up the toppings or something is awesome.  These gourmet sausages and toppings give me a food boner.

So Fratty:  Chocolate Junior Tastykake

It’s the shit.

Not Fratty:  George McGovern’s Death

It sucks.

Fratty:  Poop Transplants

A medical miracle and a hilarious name.