Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  I can’t believe I’ve missed Bill Burr’s twitter all this time.  If you haven’t heard his stand up, you should.  It’s pretty brilliant.  Let’s see if his tweets match up.


October 21st:  “Fun With History: Which has happened more? The Jets winning a SB or that Fireman Ed actually fighting a fire? ”

Ouch.  Poor Jets.  Guess there’s no Daily Show appearance for you now, Bill.

October 21st:  “@billburr What happened more, you ruining Chappelle Show and making him quit or Giants beating Pats in the SB? ”

October 21st:  (Bill’s Reply)  “Game on!”

You have disturbed the Burr.  Brace yourself.

October 21st:  “No words to describe how much I hate the Patriots Old School Uniform. Is Tony Eason starting? ”

I gotta keep this Twitter in mind when I write Sports Guys.

October 21st:  “Nice punt by Steve Grogan.”

How did one of the Manson Family get into the NFL?

October 21st:  “Here comes the Pats DBs…..DOH JEEZUZ!!!! ”

My wife loves the Pats.  Probably because she lived in Boston.

October 21st:  “Pats DBs will save Sanchez’s career. #2GamesAyear

Wish I knew more about sports so I understood that hashtag.

October 21st:  “All Brady has to do is give our D a good 49 pt cushion and I think we can win it regulation. ”

He really does need Peter as his center.

October 22nd:  “the Monday Morning Podcast is up!! …

Ha!  So bitter.  I love it.

October 22nd:  “the Monday Morning Podcast is up!! …

Bill sounds a lot like a friend of mine who talks the same way.  Started listening and couldn’t stop until the end.

October 22nd:  “”Armstrong has no place in cycling…but the cheaters who ratted him out do.” #6MonthSuspensions #FuckinJoke

That’s how they get ya.  Ratting out your friends.

15 hours ago:  “I hope South Park does a Lance Armstrong episode.”

Oh, yeah.  I think that’s a done deal.

2 hours ago:  “I count 16 power shots to 1. I’m score it a 10/8 round for Not Ed Hardy Shirt. ”

I imagine this is the physical manifestation of Bill’s verbal attack.

I love Bill.  So angry!  Let’s rate his Twitter.  I give him an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s a score of 9 overall, but fuck it, I give him a 10 because I can.  Follow Bill and more importantly, see his stand up.

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