If you heard Looper was a decent time-travel movie worth seeing, you heard right.  It’s pretty good.  Starring Joseph Gorden Levitt and Bruce Willis as a hitman in the future, Looper hinges on a couple of elements that you will need to accept to enjoy the movie.  The basic deal is this: It’s 2044.  Sometime in the future, time-travel is invented, but the technology is outlawed.  Unfortunately, organized crime gets a hold of it.  They crimelords use the technology to dispose of bodies in the past.  Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of these hitmen or Loopers.  But when an older version of himself appears, things change and it’s hard to describe any more without giving away the plot.

Emily Blunt plays a love interest, but this isn’t your typical Hollywood flick.  It isn’t just Levitt changing his ways to save Blunt and himself, the time travel plays a more important role.  And the great thing about the ending is that it doesn’t flinch from the only logical conclusion.  Directed and written by Rian Johnson, the movie moves well and doesn’t pull any punches.  Jeff Daniels plays a crimelord and his character isn’t as intricate to the plot as one might think.  Still, it’s fun to watch Levitt do his Willis imitation.

Bottom line, it’s totally worth seeing, especially if you like your science fiction dark and full of action.  I give Looper 8.5 keggers out of 10.  Go see it, bros.