Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant start of film and TV, Seth Rogen.  He’s a funny actor, let’s see if he’s a funny tweeter as well.


September 14th:  “Do you love comedy and phone sex?! Go see “For a Good Time Call” this weekend. You will laugh so hard, you will not only pee, you will poop.”

Oh, no.  I’m not having a repeat of what happened in “The Master”.

September 15th:  “Dear Rappers: please stop putting “skits” on your albums. They are not funny and make it hard to play your albums at parties. Thank you.”

How does Seth Rogen not have an iPod?

September 15th:  “NEWSBREAK: Amanda Bynes photographed having most awesome day ever”

Hey as long as you’re having an awesome day in your head, who are we to judge?

September 15th:  “I think in order to run for president, you have to have a first name I’ve never fucking heard in my life.”

Don’t say that.  That could mean Reince Priebus could be next.

September 17th:  “I waste so much time reading the news stories on the Yahoo home page, I’m barely left with enough time to jack off after.”

You should read the porn news.  Saves me tons of time in the morning.

September 17th:  “I don’t know what terrible things go on inside Fred Segal, and I don’t want to know.”

I think only you and ten other people can afford to shop there, so bad news for them.

September 18th:  “I’m so desperate for a new episode of Breaking Bad, I’m tempted to watch Malcolm in the Middle.”

Life is unfair…

September 21st:  “Halfway through season one of Game Of Thrones! Shit in King’s Landing has gone straight cray.”

Shit.  Still haven’t watched it yet.  La-lah-lah!  Shut up!  Lalala!

September 22nd:  “Game of Thrones is so good, even though in half the scenes I have no fucking clue what anyone is saying.”

First, I’m going to finish Breaking Bad, then I’ll watch this.  Because while I might have to start selling meth in this economy, it is highly unlikely I will have to fight dragons.

September 22nd:  “See “For A Good Time Call” in theaters now! If you’re a fan of mine, I’m in it! If you hate me, don’t worry, I’m not in it for very long.”

I’ll tell you what you were awesome in that was short, that episode of “The League” you did.  Fuckin’ hilarious.

September 22nd:  “My writing/life partner Evan owns @gravytrainLA food truck! Check it out today @stfoodcinema 4 a screening of Superbad w some awesome swag!”

That’s cool.  How does he fit a writing office in that tiny little vehicle with the kitchen and food?

September 23rd:  “These motherfuckers at Ralph’s are trying to sell me sprinkles in grams and ounces. I’m making pancakes! I need to buy sprinkles in weight.”

God damn, motherfuckers!  You come back East, hit me up.  I’ll connect you with my sprinkles guy.

September 23rd:  “Can’t wait to see “The Master”. It’ll be so cool to finally see what it’s like for Joaquin Pheonix to play an unstable weirdo.”

Dude, he’s on a whole new level of weird in it.  It’s pretty awesome.

September 23rd:  “Watch @davekrumholtz on #Partners tomorrow night, Sept 24th, 8:30/7:30c on CBS. It’s his funniest role since “Addams Family Values”!”

Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic with that one.

September 26th:  “I convinced myself that not only is it okay to smoke weed on Yom Kippur, I’m actually MORE repentant because of how hard it is to fast.”

No wonder I haven’t see you in a movie in a while.

Okay, let’s rate Seth’s tweets.  I gotta say, top notch.  Off the cuff, seems genuine, good mix of life stuff, behind the scenes and a few plugs.  I give him a 9 for Insanity, an 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.6.  Seth is one to follow.  Especially since there’s a good chance he’ll get high and tweet something really crazy.

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