Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is one of my favorite comedians, Mr. Roastmaster General himself, Jeffrey Ross.  Let’s see how many people he can insult in one tweet.


56 minutes ago:  “gonna live tweet #theburn episode two from the writers room right now. wake up jamaicans you’re first up on my list.”

Aw, cool.  I just watched that show.  Pretty awesome.

52 minutes ago:  “wait till you hear our rapid fire #theburn

Was that why you were out of breath?  Tell one of the producers to give you a chair for Christ’s sake.

50 minutes ago:  “how’s the show so far? wait to you see how fucked up @realgilbert is. #theburn

It’s nice that brain damaged comics like Gilbert are given work.  He is messed up.

49 minutes ago:  “the twins saw that bit and laughed one of their heads off. #theburn the one on the left puts out btw”

Ha!  Nice.

47 minutes ago:  “rt if you would fuck @johnstamos #theburn

Why not?  He seems like he would call the next day.

46 minutes ago:  “yo @marcmaron wtf with that shirt? #theburn

Did Gilbert do wardrobe too?

38 minutes ago:  “do not adjust your volume. please enjoy this one act play @realgilbert #theburn #horselingus

I could hear the live audio of that from my place in Jersey.

31 minutes ago:  “time for too soon? ron pallilo roast in peace from all of here in #theburn ‘s writers room.”

If only Epstein had hung on long enough to be eligible for this honor.

30 minutes ago:  “go to our blog @Comedycentral or our Facebook page. i read those messages too. there’s some new speed-roasting footage there #theburn xoxo”

Here’s the link.  I would love to be in the audience, but no way I’m standing up for that bit.

Okay, let’s rate Jeff’s tweets.  I give him an 8 for Insanity, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Definitely one to follow.  Also, you should watch the Burn.  The best part of the show was when the comics just riffed on the news.  And Gilbert is always king.

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