Dax Shepherd co-directs, writes, stars and even edits this movie, which is part romantic comedy and crime action comedy.  The basic premise: Dax is Charles Bronson, a member of the witness protection program.  Kristen Bell is Annie, Charles’ fiancee.  When Annie gets a job offer in Los Angeles, Charles reluctantly goes, only to have his past catch up with him.  Bradley Cooper does a great turn as Alex, Charles’ old nemesis.  Tom Arnold almost steals the show as Randy, the agent responsible to keep him safe.

Car chases mixed with comic banter.  It plays out pretty well.  Most of the dialogue is organic, the situations are fairly realistic and it’s an ending that isn’t too sappy.  It’s a damn decent movie.  I’d even see a sequel with these characters.  If you’re looking for something decent to see this summer, Hit & Run is worth seeing.

I give Hit & Run 8 keggers out of 10.