Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s tweeter is Rashida Jones, formerly of the Office, currently of Parks & Rec. She’s funny on the show, let’s check out her tweets.


April 26th:  “Oh snap, I just joined Twitter! Got convinced by my friends here at #NewFront

Don’t do it!  Do what Nick Offerman did!

April 26th:  “Looking for suggestions of who to follow on Twitter. Criteria: someone funny, someone smart, someone fascinating. #alloftheabove

Courtney Love.  She’s still my favorite account.

April 27th:  “Feeling pressure about my third tweet. Wanted it to be monumental. #twitterjitters http://pic.twitter.com/XCo3CUjB

Cute pic.  Let’s face it, Rashida is pretty hot.

April 30th:  “I’m sorry to say I will not be on Jay Leno tonight. Home sick with strep throat, grrrr. But watch it for the inimitable @stevemartintogo!”

Perfect.  Another reason to miss Leno.

May 3rd:  “Watch the all new/all nude Parks and Recreation tonight @ 9:30 on NBC!! #Knope2012

The season finale was pretty killer.  Paul Rudd just nailed it.

May 7th:  “On the way to Met Ball w @brooklyndecker and @toryburch. Photo credit goes to @azizansari. http://pic.twitter.com/f1UEcD6L

Hot chicks always hang together.  That is one limo full of hotness.

May 7th:  “Just met Ben Stiller at the Met Ball!! So excited!!! http://pic.twitter.com/RUrpx8Sv

Shh!  No one correct her or she’ll have to go on his show!

May 11th:  “Season Five Pickup for Parks and Rec!!! City Council, bitches!!!!”

Nice!  I have to go back and watch the earlier seasons when you dating Chris Pratt.  How did I miss those?

May 12th:  “At callbacks for Cats: The Movie… http://pic.twitter.com/sOHkF8X5

Really?  And you have to do your own make up too?  Tough audition.

May 14th:  “Working up the courage to use Twitter for my idle musings and glib observations. I feel like the sober late-arriver at a raging party.”

Just keep posting pictures of yourself and your hot friends.  Can’t go wrong.

May 18th:  “I would like to apologize to myself for taking too long to get down with Lil Wayne’s full body of work. So much lost time. #ThaCarterIII

It’s a very large body of work.  I know.  I wrote trivia questions about him.

May 18th:  “Do you think our world’s leaders will leave the G8 Summit concluding that “Eurozone” is better boy band name than a region?”

They haven’t admitted failure on anything yet, why start now?

May 19th:  “Some days all I want to do is wear pajamas and live life slow. #SlickRick

That’s pretty much what I do as a freelance writer.

May 20th:   “Bradley Grouper? #CelebrityFish


May 21st:  “Come on, London restaurant . Make me work a little harder to turn menu items into childish sexual innuendo. http://pic.twitter.com/thrbaNL3

Nicely done.  I think you’re getting Twitter just fine, Rashida.

Okay, let’s rate Rashida’s tweets.  I give her a 10 for Style, an 8 for Mustness and a 7 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  A definite follow, especially if you are a P&R fan, which you should be.

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