I love the website Reddit.  Such a simple concept and oodles of fun.  Basically, you submit links and people vote them up or down.  But you can also make comments on them, kind of like a message board.  Like everything else on the Internet, it can get a little intense.  Here now are Ten Comments You’ll Never Read on Reddit.

1:  “You’re right, that was racist.  I’m ashamed of myself.”

2:  “Although this was reposted several times, I’m glad it was posted again.”

3:  “Thank God they’re going to pass this CISPA amendment, amirite?”

4:  “Ron Paul?  Who is that?”

5:  “You’re right, I am taking this too personally.  I don’t know what I was thinking.”

6:  “It would be wrong to up vote or down vote you without reading the whole article.  Sorry, I’ll keep my judgment to myself.”

7:  “A Star Wars reference?!  There’s something you don’t see here every day!”

8:  “Hi, this is Woody Harrelson again, ask me anything.”

9: “You’ve posted this in the correct subreddit.  It’s totally appropriate for here.”

10:  “I’m sorry.”