Although the last two episodes were pretty awesome, for a while, The Walking Dead was becoming the show I was loving to hate.  Here’s ten reasons why:

1:  Someone getting the idea to just run over the zombies using all the extra cars.

2:  Someone digging trenches and building fences ahead of time, anticipating the next zombie attack.

3:  Someone making sure everyone carries a melee weapon at all times.

4:  The systematic emptying of the pharmacy instead of several dangerous trips back.

5:  Chain stores.  Where’s the god damned CVS and McDonald’s and Home Depot?

6:  Melodram-free moments of conversation that don’t involve talking about “What Rick will say.”

7:  Someone that says, “You know, even if this prisoner gets away, he’ll probably just get eaten by zombies.”

8:  Someone that figures out that the zombies are attracted to noise, turns on a music system inside a building and then burns it down when it’s full of zombies.

9.  Logic.

10.  This phrase:  “Hey, Laurie, watch your fucking kid for a change.”