What I’d Like to See Happen:  Asteroid Attacks

You may not be aware, but there’s a pretty good chance a sizable asteroid could hit the Earth someday.  Of course, I’m not wishing for that.  Who in their right might would wish for planetary annihilation?  Maybe Satan or Dick Cheney.

That being said, if something like it were to occur, this is what I’d like to see happen:

The asteroid comes.  At first, the various governments of the world try to keep it a secret.  As in the case of the current asteroid I linked, since there is no time for a real plan, most governments just make plans to save themselves and their minions.

So naturally, people go bonkers.  Speculation runs rampant that this could be the end for everyone.  Some scientist predict that if the meteor hits, anyone left outside the government bunkers will be lucky to live through the next year.  Martial law is declared and society breaks down as it gets closer to the end.

Rather than try and help people, the governments of the world spend 24/7 in CYA mode.  They lock everyone out of the bunkers.  They can, they got all the weapons.  Religious groups prepare for the end, but in the final moments, some of the leaders crack.  They try to get inside those bunkers and the higher-ups succeed.

The asteroid comes and it complete misses.  Maybe at the last second, it hits another asteroid or a piece of space junk.  Possibly, it just breaks up in the atmosphere and disintegrates harmlessly in the sky.  (Now again, people would die, so I’m not advocating THAT.  However, if this scenario had to happen…)

When the government bunkers opened, the government would have a lot of explaining to do, as would the religi0us leaders and rich people that slipped in at the last minute.  You see, they expected everyone outside to die or get trapped in a massive Ice Age.  Since that didn’t happen, there are plenty of weapons left behind for the people outside.  And those of us who did get left behind are pretty pissed about it.  The compliant media is exposed for lying about the timetable to keep people from rushing the bunkers, but a few stalwart reporters (realizing they couldn’t get in the bunker) actually told us the truth.  All the talk of “sacrifice” and “survival of our civilization” turns out to be bullshit.  It was the powerful, the rich and politically connected that go in the bunker, not the smart or the young or those with skills.

And despite all the weapons and thugs the governments took inside the bunker to maintain order, it’s nothing compared to what got left outside.  So all over the world, in an “Asteroid Spring”, people overthrow their governments.  “We didn’t elect you to save yourself.  We elected you to protect us!”  A few stalwart politicians, (again the ones that didn’t get inside the bunker) take over.  There’s a decidedly massive change in how the world is run.  Instead of being the first on the metaphorical life raft, government officials are now expected to be the last.  The rules change and a massive investigation reveals the hypocrisy of government leaders.  Wars grind to a halt as new government leaders work together (not only to prevent the next asteroid close-call) but to work together in general.  The Asteroid turns out to be an event that brings the world together.

I know.  Corny.  Anyhow, that’s what I’d like to see happen.