Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s twitterer is comedian, David Spade.  You’ve seen him on TV and movies and TV and then TV again.  Should we follow his tweets or say, “Buh-bye”?  Let’s find out.


September 7th:  “I can’t believe they are re making Tommy Boy and no one told me http://yfrog.com/h0h2d8j

Ba-zing!  Off to a good start.

September 8th:  “thanks buddy! and i think u meant ‘your’ face.RT@bradhuey @DavidSpade imma anthrax for face if someone else doesn’t you turd fuck”

Hahaha!  WTF?  How stupid do you have to be to go after a profession comedian in public?

September 8th:  “PCU with @jeremypiven. Trivia: was shot R Rated and released as PG-13 using tv takes. Some good stuff got lost :( http://yfrog.com/met10bj

Cool.  What’s it coming out on Blu Ray I guess.  Maybe I’ll take the 1900 steps required to get it on Netflix now.

September 9th:  “Quick thing in Entertainment Weekly..I need to take interview classes http://yfrog.com/mmhe18j

Or you could just get a new haircut.  Either way.

September 9th:  “literally the salt mines RT MegynPrice Backstage at ROE. Ugh. We work SO HARD! http://twitpic.com/6ig8u1”

Lovin’ the backstage stuff.  Y’see, this is what I want from my celebrity tweets.  You think I will sit through ET just for their two candid moments?  Fuck that.

September 11th:  “im an arizona guy and glad cardinals won but have to give it to @realcamnewton2. killed it first day. gonna be a monster”

Dammit, no tasteless 9/11 reference.  Now I have to go to Gilbert Godfried’s twitter.

September 12th: “Taking my new ASU hat out for a drink to celebrate fridays win. Means a lot since I’m 120 credits away from via http://fro.gy/1dvpc

You kinda look like K-Fed’s cousin.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.

September 13th:  “Hey Itunes quit telling me everyday there’s a new version of itunes available. Shit all u do is play songs wtf are the breakthru’s? #notnow

Can’t have that in my computer.  Slows down my porn.

September 14th:  “Booger sighting http://yfrog.com/h469sxuj


September 15th:  “Why do all these ny catwalk models have a look like they are on Ambien? #wishitwasonlyambien

It’s the only thing they’ll have in the candy dish backstage.  Zero calories.

September 18th:  “On way to emmys. Not sure why..”

Somebody has to hold Charlie Sheen’s hair back in the men’s room while he pukes.  You think Cryer’s gonna do it now?

September 18th:  “Me and @kaleycuoco seeing what an emmy looks like. It was our one chance. http://yfrog.com/mek736j

Damn, it’s like you have a twitpic photographer following you around.

September 20th:  “Archive day: hosting SNL a few years ago. Sketch I loved about Amy playing my stunt double. #letitgo http://yfrog.com/kf1fh3j

That woman can make anything funny, I swear.

September 21st:  “that sucks cuz i like your avatar. ps are you boy or girl? no wrong answer..RT @jacks_thought @DavidSpade I hate David Spade”

Kill them with kindness, Dave.  Or knives.  Either one.

September 21st:  “Rules of Engagement fans– the new season premieres October 8th @ 8pm. Make it happen people. http://yfrog.com/nw5ta9j

Good luck.

September 21st:  “Watching x factor. The lines are so big to audition. We found out 90% thought it was a job fair. Drag”

These days, I think it would be easier to win X Factor than get a good job.  Stay famous whatever you do.

September 22nd:  “All I learned from this is I should be using jalapeño cheddar stickers for tape. And they almost nailed via http://fro.gy/1egzv

How did the Emmys run out of iced cream?

Okay, let’s rate Dave’s tweets.  For Mustness, I give him a 7, for Insanity, also 7, but for Style 10.  Love backstage stuff.  That’s an overall score off 8.  Worth following.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.