Hey Bros!

It’s late and I’m too fried to do Twitter in Focus.  Have to push it back until tomorrow.  But until there, here’s your Rewritten News update!

Real: Italian Parliament Boosts Berlusconi

Rewritten: Italy Still Corrupt

Real: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney Spar in Presidential Debate

Rewritten: Ron Paul Still Ignored in Debate Headlines

Real: Barnes & Noble to Sell Nook at Radio Shack

Rewritten: Radio Shack to Stay in Business Longer Than Barnes & Noble

Real: Netflix Pairs with Facebook, Except in US

Rewritten: Netflix Hoping to Annoy All Its Customers

Real: Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard to Appear on “Wife Swap”

Rewritten: Gay Guy Still Insists He’s Straight

Real: Satellite’s Impending Fall to Earth Stirs Anxiety

Rewritten: Media Tries Too Hard to Make You Scare off Shit That Won’t Effect You

Real: Lady Gaga Determined To End Bullying, Meet With Obama

Rewritten: Singer Distracts Leader of Free World With Problem He Can’t Possibly Solve