Here’s the pitch: The Bourne Identity, but instead of Jason Bourne it’s a 14 year-old girl.  That’s basically it.  It’s a well made movie full of great actors:  Eric Bana as the dad, Cate Blanchett makes an awesome bad guy and Saoirse Ronan is engaging is a naive, unstoppable killing machine.

Joe Wright’s direction is taught and tight.  Scenes flow right into one another.  The problem is the story.  Although it holds up while you’re watching it, coming out of the theater and thinking about it later, it’s kind of silly.  Cate Blanchett REALLY wants to kill everyone, but we never quite find out why.  There’s no weight behind her reasoning other than she’s a rogue CIA agent and she might get in trouble.

Another problem is, after Hanna escapes her clutches the first time and kills a whole lot of professional army guys, she seems to have trouble killing the CIA thugs.  Two of the thugs appear to be nothing more than skinheads.

The movie bookends nice with a bit, but we’re left to wonder about some supporting characters that get in trouble.  We never see Hanna rescue them.  There’s also mention of “other test subjects” leading me to believe that there are sequels planned.  Unfortunately, it just doesn’t warrant a sequel.

Ultimately, like eating an entire cake by yourself, it’s fun at the time, but probably not good for you.  Hanna would be a pretty decent rental.  If you want a fairly mindless actioner, it’s okay, but there are probably movies that have done it better.

I give Hanna 7 out of 10 keggers.