with Tony DiGerolamo

Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors are so cool and righteous that they should be deemed “Full of Awesome”.

Hey bros! We’ve scoured the web for awesomeness and here’s what we’ve found. Brace your awesome eyes and brain!

– First up is Jim the Pancake Master! This guy makes pancakes in the shape of dinosaur skeletons for his daughter! Check out his website. It’s delicious and artistic! You are truly full of awesome, Jim. Now can I come to your place for breakfast?

– To Rapper TI for talking that dude down who wanted to kill himself. Seriously, he didn’t have to do that. Sadly, he’s now going to jail for probation violation. C’mon, judge! Cut the guys some slack! They’re going to legalize pot soon enough anyway!

– This next story is a bit of a bummer. Remember the guy that refused to let the 20th 9/11 hijacker into the US? Well, apparently, he’s facing demotion after 44 years. Jeez, you’d think the one guy that actually stopped Al Queda might catch a break! It’s not his fault his van got broken into! Cut him some slack too!

– Remember that sludge in Hungary? Well the government there isn’t taking it lying down and has arrested the head of the company! Why is the United States the only country just to keep giving bosses pay raises? Imagine arresting a CEO here for pollution? Okay, okay, calm down you hippies.

— And finally, if you have to go, going out like this isn’t too shabby. A woman saved her children and nieces and nephews from a fire, then died later. It’s a shame she died, but wow, what a hero. Definitely full of awesome.

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