with Tony DiGerolamo

Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors are so cool and righteous that they should be deemed “Full of Awesome”.

Hey bros. This week’s heroes are just normal people who one day found the awesomeness inside themselves. Look for it in yourselves, bros. It’s there. And someday, you will be on this awesome list!

– To the South Park guys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for having giant balls of steel for the recent 200th episode. You guys and your balls, are full of awesome. Glad to see a little thing like death won’t stop you from entertaining me.

– To the National Guardsman that saved and Iraqi boy by bringing him to America for surgery. Nice job, soldier! Now if he only didn’t have to go back to Iraq.

– The woman who invent Boobquake. I’m not sure what it is, but I know I support it fully. Look for extra cleavage April 26th, bros. And make sure you thank this kind, busty woman. Unless you happen to be visiting an old folks home that day. Nice job, Booby Magee!

– Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is on the list today because she is pushing for a 5% pay cut in Congress. Yeah, you read right. Pay cut. Why should we be the only ones eating Ramen noodles and canceling our subscription to the expensive porn site. Let these layabout Congresspeople do something for a change.

– Finally, to the quick thinking 15 year-old that saved his dad, when he accidentally lit himself on fire. The kid immediately shook up a bottle of soda and sprayed the old man with it. Nice job, kid! You’ll have a place at Lambda Sigma Rho if you go to Ryesmore. We need someone like that in case Mistah Shit falls asleep with his bong again.

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