Hey bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. This week our contestant is esteemed actor and android, Brent Spiner.

April 12th, 12:23pm: “Won’t be around today. Doing a play reading. Much Ado About Nothing. Very impressive cast. I’m the only one I’ve never heard of.”

How very actor of you!

April 12th, 12:31pm: “I play Don Pedro. The role Denzel Washington played in the movie. We are very alike. Always up for the same parts. He ususally gets them.”

You probably should count yourself lucky in regard to The Book of Eli.

April 12th, 12:34pm: “I added that “s” in usually on purpose. That’s what Denzel always does.”

Look, Brent, you gotta spell like Brent, not like some celebrity. Add a “B” or a lower case “f”. Make that word your own.

April 13th, 12:42pm: “Grand night in the theater. Fun chewing the scen…er, trodding the boards with such a great cast. Thanks to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.”

Seriously? Holy crap, that was quite a cast.

April 14th, 11:41am: “Just to remind you. I’ll be in Anaheim this weekend with Levar and Michael Dorn. Also the great Shatner, I believe. Next weekend, Calgary.”

Cool. I hope he puts you on Raw Nerve. That show is hilarious.

April 15th, 12:53am: “I think maybe they should just go ahead and kick five people off of American Idol this week.”

Anything to end that show faster. Anything.

April 16th, 12:48am: “dean_cummings:@wilw why is @brentspiner in a constant ‘cold war’ with his followers?–No, my son. I am at ‘cold peace’ with my fans.”

Brent is just trying to have some fun on Twitter, Trekkies. Slow your roll. Hell, most of his twitter is retweets that I’m leaving off.

14 hours ago: “Yes, I believe the current Dalai Lama is a fan of Star Trek and often quotes Spock. When I am Dalai Lama I will quote, “I Love Lucy”.”

Ha! Nice.

8 hours ago: “Free speech is great, but it can protect a sorry bunch. The Supreme Court has decided it is legal to make videos showing cruelty to animals.”

Yeah, don’t quite understand that ruling. Does that mean snuff films are now okay too?

7 hours ago: “This twitter is doing some strange things. Everything I post shows up a few dozen times. I hate repeating myself. I hate repeating myself.”

Oh, no! Someone who always lies, told Data he’s lying!

7 hours ago: “Narrated a short film for the NASA website today. Did it at the Jet Propulsion Lab. Very cool place and people. They like me, too.”

Neat! Link please!

Okay, let’s rate Brent’s tweets. I give him a 7 for Insanity (he answered a lot of tweets from his fans), 7 for Style (look at that avatar pic!) and a 7 for Mustness (he answers his tweets!) That’s an easy 7 for Mr. Data. Definitely one to follow. Just the right amount of tweeting. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.