The Joneses is a pretty smart movie with something to say about the dark side of consumerism. While it doesn’t go far enough in my view, it is a pretty entertaining movie. David Duchovny stars at the fake dad of a household of stealth marketers led by Demi Moore. The deal is, this “perfect family” moves into a rich community, shows them all the cool products they own (which are actually supplied by a cutting edge advertising company) and then drive the sales of certain products up. Gary Cole plays the beleaguered neighbor that tries to keep up.

Most of the story focuses on the love story between Duchovny and Moore. Amber Heard, who is so hot, gets naked. Did I mention she’s really hot. Ultimately, her story doesn’t tie into the whole consumerism part. The script only skims the surface of what would ultimately be rich, rich fodder. It gets a little dark at the end, but ultimately has a “feel good” ending.

I think the only problem with the concept is that any real company is not going to loan their products to a movie that’s going to have a negative message about purchasing. I mean, why would they? Naturally, the only outright “bad” product in the movie is totally made up. I feel like, although its a well made film, the makers pulled back a little. I would’ve liked to see them really stick it to the corporations, but still it was an interesting concept and not too far fetched.

I’m on the fence about whether to wait for DVD for this. Did I mention Amber Heard’s amazing tits? Oh, right, I did. God she’s hot. And Demi Moore still ain’t no slouch either. I give The Joneses 6.5 keggers out of ten.