After seeing the trailers for She’s Out of My League, I was kind of turned off by them.  I especially disliked the movie’s website, which had a promise of an “unrated” trailer, but required you to type in personal information about yourself.  No dice movie studio!  Additionally, the whole rating system is annoying and shallow, but the movie is actually pretty good.

The simple premise is that Molly, super hottie, falls for Kirk, average dweeb.  His idiot friends impress on him the 10 vs. a 5 rule, but the crux of the movie is (and what redeemed the annoying marketing) those rating systems are completely idiotic.  The script is funny and engaging.  The characters fall just short of being cartoony, kind of skirting the edge.

There’s a jerk boss, but he’s not a 2-dimension jerk, there’s a rival boyfriend, but no over the top confrontation at the end, there’s a goofy friend, but he’s not THAT goofy.  Kirk’s quirky family is a little over the top, but funny.  The movie is paced well and there’s not a lot of annoying scenes with characters revealing boring shit about themselves.  All in all, a very tight script and a well done, funny movie.  It’s right up there with the 40 year-old virgin.  No nudity though, but there is a scene involving body hair.

I’d go see this one, bros.  I give She’s out of My League 8 out of 10 keggers.