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Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors are so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

— The Jonesville, Michigan woman who was arrested for biting off one-third of her sister’s nose during a fight should take the nose out of her mouth and eat a dick.

— Joshua Good, the Connecticut man who pulled a knife on some teens who hit his car with a snowball and kidnapping one of them should eat Frosty’s carrot dick and snow balls. Happy Birthday!

— The three employees of strip club Platinum 21 who tried roaches, rats, and then burned down competitor Club Onyx should all eat a Chippendale’s dick wrapped in sweaty singles.

— The woman accused of hiding her mother’s corpse in her home for up to eight months to collect the dead woman’s Social Security payments should eat an eight-month-dead dick in hell.

— The South Florida woman who called in a bomb threat to Miami International Airport so that her boss wouldn’t miss his flight should eat a dick of dynamite.

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