Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today we have a very special twitter account to analyze—  None other than Stan the Man!  Mr. Excelsior himself!  Stan Lee!  He’s got a verified account and nothing but time on his hands.  Will he spill Spiderman’s secrets?  Did he really turn into the Hulk once?  Find out true believers via 140 characters a pop!

January 17th, 2:52pm: “One question that’s often asked of me is– “Do you still work for Marvel?” It’s a complex ussue, but I’ll strive to illuminate the subject–

Ooo!  Dish-dish-dish, Stan!

January 17th,  2:58pm: “The short answer is– Yes, I’m still on the payroll of Mighty Marvel. However, I’m also allowed to script andf strive for POW! Entertainment

Hey, look at you, developing like crazy.   Post some pics from “Hef’s Superbunnies”.  I think the bros would like that.

January 17th, 3:05pm: “–And I’mI also happily involved with the wondrous Walt Disnrey Co.! My partner Gill has to remind me, with each job, who I’m working for

But of course.  Disney owns Marvel now.  How long before a Mickey vs. The Thing match up?  The clock is ticking.

January 17th, 3:07pm: “Wow, that was a long-winded reply to a simple question. It’s lucky you don’t hit me with complicated queries– I’d never pounding the keys!

Um, I’d never “pound the keys” either Stan.  It would be unnatural somehow.

January 17th, 3:10pm: “I just wantcha to know I read your comments, get a helluva kick out of them and regret that it’s impossible to reply to them individually.

That’s okay, Stan.  This is Twitter.  No one is listening to anybody.

January 17th, 3:17pm: “Yesterday, while greeting fans in the City of Induistry, some execs from “The Big BAng Theory.” showed up to discuss my “starring” role!

Being a legend does have its benefits.  I can’t wait until you’re in an episode of “Sons of Anarchy”.

January 17th, 3:19pm: “I decided maybe I shouldn’t call ’em “Cameos.” Maybe “Guest Appearances” is classier. Or “Supporting player?” “Star” might be a bit much.

Yeah and I wouldn’t clear a space for an Emmy just yet.

January 17th, 3:23pm: “My preceding tweets’ll indicate the weighty matters I have to wrestle with. They barely leave me enough energy to close with– EXCELSIOR!

Weighty matters?  No, no, Stan.  This is Twitter.  We want to hear about what sandwich you’re eating and when you went to the mall or what cool picture you found on the Internet.  This is the rule of Twitter.

January 17th, 3:34pm: “I thought I was thru tweeting but I just read your comments about all the typos I made. I feel I owe you an explanation, so here goes–

No, no, everybody does that Stan.  The bar is very low here.

January 17th, 3:36pm: “Y’see, I don’t touch type. I’m a fast hunt ‘n pecker. So I’m always looking at the keys rather than the screen. But there’s even mkore–

U gots 2 use wrds like dis, bro.  Keeps tweets lo.

January 17th, 3:41pm: “I really haven’t time to tweet tho I love doing it. I’m always rushing. So soon as I type something I hit “send” and don’t wait to proof it

Proofing is for 1965 ditto machines, Stan.  You gotta accept the mistakes.  Live them.  Breathe them.  No one else on the Internet spellchecks, why should you?  Don’t be a hero, Stan!

January 17th, 3:43pm: “So that’s my sorrowful :”mea culpa” about all the typos I make. I hope that won’t disqualify your Generalissimo from leading you in battle

Battle?  Are we attacking the DC offices general?  I gotta tell ya, if they don’t buzz you in good luck getting up there.  Plus if they drop that big plastic Superman they have in the lobby on the elevator as you’re riding it up, forget it.  You’re a gonner.

January 17th, 3:44pm: “Having thrown myself on your mercy, I will now retreat to my command tent to plan our future campaigns. EXCELSIOR!

My God.  He’s got a whole private army like Blackwater.

24 hours ago: “I’m amazed how quickly many of you respond to my tweets! No sooner do I write ‘em than I find hundreds of replies. You’re faster than I am

Welcome to the Internets Stan.

24 hours ago: “Luckily, your responses give me ideas for things to tweet about. Between you and me, we’re practically writing this stuff together!

Okay, let me help you out.  What we want to know is what you’re doing when your tweeting.  So like, if you’re bored and waiting for a cab, tweet that.  Or maybe you’re having a lunch, tell us what you ordered.  And then, when you have a big announcement, it’ll look that much cooler.  Plus we’ll feel like we’re following you along on your day.  Or, you can tweet about other people.  Like this guy does or this guy.  Maybe you could follow around Dan Didio for the day.  That would be funny.

24 hours ago: “Lots of you are asking what I’ll be doing in Las Vegas in March. Gambling? Partying? A one-man show? Nope, not even close!

Hiring hookers to dress up like the Scarlett Witch?  Opening the first Marvel themed casino?  Both are pretty good ideas.

24 hours ago: “I can’t tell you why I’ll be in Vegas in March. If I do, I’ll have nothing to tweet about in March! And who wants a tweetless month?

Awww, dude!  You’re a tweet tease!

24 hours ago: “Gotta go! Just got an idea for a great ending to a plot I’ve written. With my memory, if I don’t write it now it’ll be Goodbye Charlie!

See!  That’s the kind of tweet we want.  It provides a little insight into your day.

24 hours ago: “Y’know, “Goodbye Charlie” could be a good name for a comedy. Maybe I’ll write it. But till then– Good Night, Bunky! EXCELSIOR!

Bunky?  Now that’s a new superhero.  He could be Bucky’s sidekick.  Bunky and Bucky together again!

6 hours ago: “Bad news. No tweet time today. Must write all afternoon, then a business meet tonight. Be brave little Brigadiers, There’s always tomorrow.

We will, Stan, we will.  Oh, and also, you can reply on tweets by doing an “@” and then typing the twitter account name right after.  So if you wanted to reply to me, you’d just put “@TonyDiGerolamo:” and then whatever you wanted to say.

I think Stan is new at this.  Give him credit.  Most people his age are still struggling with VCR’s.  He’s not doing too bad for a noob.  Okay, let’s rate Stan’s tweets.  For Mustness, I give him an 8 simply because he’s Stan, c’mon.  You gotta follow the man!  Insanity, I give him a 7, because he is a little crazy to put himself out there.  For Style, I give him a 9, totally consistent with his character, although I wish he’d open up a little more.  That’s an overall score of 8.  C’mon!  Follow Stan the Man!

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