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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

That’s right dick eaters, it’s Thursday and for your unbelievable asshole-ishness, it’s time to consume the trouser snake, swallow the little Elvis and eat a dick.

 –  To the dumbass who robbed a woman, then returned to her house to ask for a date.  You have a date with a plate of hairy dick.

To the deputy that thought it would be fun to mess with food meant for prisoners.  Here’s a plate of dick.  Don’t worry, no one rubbed their dick on it.

– To the guy arrested for flinging jellyfish at teens.  Open wide.  A plate of dick is being flinged your way.

–  To the guy that was arrested for killing a toddler while trying to hit a guy with a baseball bat in a church over $20 and the moving of a washing machine.  Here’s a whole washing machine full of dicks for you to eat.

– To the prosecutors in Florida that put an innocent retarded man in prison for rape and murder for 26 years.  Nice job Barney Fifes.  Here’s a plate of retarded dick for you to snack on.

Think someone needs to eat a dick? Email suggestions to dicketer@gmail.com or post in the message board