Hello bros and welcome to another edition of Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  This week our contestant is comic book creator, Tony Fleecs.  He did a great comic for Silent Devil called “In My Lifetime”.  I keep bugging him to do a webcomic, but so far no dice.  I guess analyzing him on Twitter would be the next best thing.  Let’s see if he tweets as funny as he writes.

August 11th, 11:20am: “On a road trip with @ChrisRyder and @HisLittleSister. Hijinx to follow.

How convenient.  Please keep us posted.

August 12th, 2:03pm: “Just ONCE I’d like to see what Whiskey Pete’s casino is all about.

It’s about $50 according to this.  But slow down, if you sleep in your car, that’s like saving five hands of blackjack.

August 12th, 2:40pm: “Primm, NV. Girl at hotdog on a stick plunges a trashcan full of lemonaid hypnotically.

Yeah, but before you got there she was stirring it with her leg.

August 12th, 9:23pm: “Thing probably looks like a trash bag hanging off a doorknob.

Are you talking about a superhero’s cock?

August 12th, 9:40pm: “Utah is completely empty. I think we’ve seen a total of 14 buildings in the whole state. brother says it’s because mormons live underground.

No, that’s where God buried the dinosaur bones.

August 12th, 10:42pm:  “granjaj!! Chic-fil-a!

Oh, sure, you knock the mormons and then you eat their chicken.

August 12th, 11:40pm: “so close and so far away. this road trip needs more mix-tapes.

Or something exciting to tweet about, either way.

August 14th, 1:08pm: “Shocked to find the quarter bins at my hometown lcs are15cent bins now. anybody looking for a complete run of Youngblood Strikefile?

That bin can’t go low enough, Tony.

August 14th, 7:20pm: “Had to go all the way to Colorado to find @MikeCosta ‘s 4th GI:Joe book. Way to go, @MikeCosta.

Man, you guys are driving far just to buy comics.  You are a dedicated fanboy, TF.

August 14th, 11:25pm: “My mom is sewing up my ripped shorts pockets.

Let that be a lesson to you.  You should never stuff your comics in your back pocket.

August 15th, 2:20pm: “bumper to bumper traffic on the way to Grand Junction.

Where are you guys going?  You can’t gamble at Whiskey Pete’s by driving to Utah.

August 15th, 6:56pm: “Colorado is a cruel mistress. completely stopped on the 70 for at least 5 minutes now.

Wow, five whole minutes?  Colorado is flat, just make a left or a right.

August 15th, 7:04pm: “Aaaaand it’s because the president’s in town. This is what I get for voting.

If only you had voted for McCain, then you wouldn’t be stuck in traffic because most of us would’ve been killed in a nuclear war.

August 15th, 11:32pm:  “Whats up all my Salina, Utah peeps!? I’m digging your Phillips66 station.

I think that’s an exaggeration.  You don’t really dig Phillips66.

August 16th, 12:43am: “if god were an energy drink, he would be Red Line Extreme… Not intended for people 15lbs or more overweight. Show no mercy.

Dear Lord, do you drink it or pour it into a rocket?

August 16th, 2:43am: “From the makers of red line, an energy drink\libido enhancer called, get this, “Black Pearl.”

Libido enhancer?  Well, I guess if you’re going to Vegas you might need it.

August 16th, 7:33am: “Las vegas kareoke. Wu Tang is for the babies.

Nice!  I didn’t even know you could bet on karoke.

August 16th, 6:20pm:  “Finally home. Think roommate’s had somebody sleeping in my room while I was gone…. At least they made the bed.

Thereby sealing in the sweet, sweet lovemaking juices in your sheets.

August 16th, 7:05pm:  “I’m OK now. I’m ok.

Except your heart might explode from all that Black Pearl you obviously drank.

August 17th, 4:58pm: “Back in the studio. Time to make the donuts.

Get working on that webcomic, dammit. This whole trip could’ve been several strips!

August 20th, 4:37pm: “Who dubs a porno? This is ridiculous.

You might also asks, who watches porno in the middle of the day?

August 21st, 2:25am: “Basterds in 35.

Nooooo!  Wait for DVD!

August 21st, 6:22am: “Bear Jew fo’ life, son!

Too late.

August 21st, 7:38pm: “Watching movies in bed with an ailing @JoshFialkov and @chrisryder. it looks like a 30 year old fat dude slumber party over here.

Aw, gross.  You guys aren’t comparing breast size are you?

August 22nd, 5:21am: “I want to come back as Private Ulmer in slow-mo with a punch gun in my next life.

Was that in Basterds?  Can’t remember.

August 31st, 2:06am: “You sure can see a lot of stars in the North Hollywood sky.

Yeah, “Celebrity Ballooning” is still shooting their season.

August 31st, 6:15am: “Google Alerts, you’ve done it again. http://bit.ly/dcB0o

Ah, the exciting world of being a comic book celebrity.

39 minutes ago:  “Kinkos? More like, Kink-SLOWS.

Hahahahahaha!  Google Alerts.  Now I get it.

Well, so much for the exciting life of a comic book creator.  I should talk, I’ve been chained to the computer for the last two weeks working on the new Super Frat collection.  But I digress.  Let’s rate Tony Fleecs.  For Style, I give Tony a 7 because he drove all the way to Las Vegas just to karoke.  For Insanity, I give him a 9 because he drove past Las Vegas to Colorado, then turned around just to go all the way to Las Vegas for karoke.  And finally, for Mustness, I give him a 6.  He’s pretty current and let’s you follow him around on trips even if they are insanely random.  That’s an overall score of 7.3.  Nice job, TF. And if you have an entry for Twitter in Focus, email us here.