9 is pretty good.  It’s more style than story, but the story is pretty solid.  I would’ve liked to know more about the background of some of the characters.  The pacing of the movie is a bit rushed, especially at the beginning.  I would’ve like to have seen more of a wind up.

Basic premise, the man’s civilization burns out sometime in the late 30’s with the invention of a self-aware computer.  (minor spoiler)  It goes bad, ala Terminator, and wipes out the human race.  Just before we go, the scientist that invented it realizes his mistake and imbues 9 little puppet men with part of his soul.

The designs are like an alternate 1930’s (maybe earlier becaue there’s sort of a mustard gas thing in part of it).  9 is cool, but the characters lack some depth and I would’ve like to know more about how the post-human world works.  Still, I didn’t feel ripped off or anything, although the movie is kinda short.  Don’t expect the moon and the stars and you should feel satisfied.

I give 9 five keggers out of 10.