Paul Rudd and Jason Segel star in this slice-of-life comedy about a groom to be that has to learn to be more manly.  But it’s not a two dimensional as I’m describing.  Hollywood has a little mini-revival with this comedies that are just about slightly odd characters going through a major stage of life (Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Superbad, etc.).

The great thing about these movies is that there’s always something there to connect with the audience and the stakes are nice and low.  (Well, as compared to say, Race to Witch Mountain.)  The low start gives the comedy and the characters some place to go.  And it doesn’t hurt that a slew of 2nd tier up and comers from Reno 911, The State, the Daily Show and Shutterbugs show up in the supporting roles.  (If you haven’t seen Shutterbugs, it’s online and its awesome.)

Rudd is a real estate guy about to get married.  He wants to find a best man, but doesn’t have any close guy friends he can ask.  After trying and failing to find a new best friend, Rudd eventually meets Segel at an open house.  Segal is stealing food and hitting on divoree’s.  The movie starts a little slow, but then takes off as Rudd bonds with Segel and learns to be more manly and then eventually chafes under his obnoxiousness.  It comes to a climax that is within the realm of possibility, but without being overly cheeses.  It’s a movie for audiences that already get it and have seen cheesy endings a thousand times.  It’s formulaic, but in the good way.  (C’mon, it’s not like you want to see everyone murdered at the end.)  Rudd’s on a roll after Role Models and Segel’s awesome Forgetting Sarah Marshal was great too.  This movie doesn’t quite live up to those movies, but is still worth your time.

I give this movie 7 keggers out of 10.