Welcome bros, to another installment of Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  This week we take a look at one of my favorite internet inhabitants, Wil Wheaton, self-proclaim geek and former Wesley Crusher on Star Trek.

March 19th, 1:49pm: “Really? Nobody gets the “food on your family” reference? I didn’t think it was that obscure. Heh. Go me. Anyway, here: http://is.gd/o3tZ

Right away, we see here that Wil twitters alot.  So much so that he doesn’t even need to address specific people.  He’s twittering back that fast.  Plus, that’s a good link.  He’s a top flight nerd.

March 19th, 1:56pm: “@chgowiz I love that you’re wearing my shirt, but I *really* love the 1st ed. AD&D Player’s Handbook! (Context: http://is.gd/o3yk)”

Major nerd cred bro.  1st edition D&D book reference.    This is the shirt Wil designed that he’s referring to.

Nice!  This made my 7th level Paladin laugh!

March 20th, 12:02am: “@levarburton did you know we were reunited on a game show again? I hear we were part of an answer on Jeopardy last night! Go us! Score!”

The two youngest guys from the Enterprise on Twitter, that makes sense.  Patrick Stewart’s probably still more into something older, like pen pals.  Although, wait a minute, let’s see if he twitters.  (one search later)  No, but some guy is holding his spot apparently.   What’s he hope to do I wonder?  Get cash?  A ride on the Enterprise?  Some imaginary rank?

March 20th, 11:46am: “D&D wrap up post on my blog: some thoughts and lessons learned from behind the dm screen. http://is.gd/ocMC”

Wow, teaching your son D&D.  Wil is a cool dad for a nerd.  (Look, I can call people nerds if I want.  As you all know, I have major NERD CRED as well.  Don’t forget, I rewrote the monster manuals for Hackmaster.) How is fourth edition, Wil?  Still haven’t gotten around to trying it.  (Loss of nerd cred.)

March 20th, 1:06pm: “New post on my blog: a few thoughts and lessons learned from behind the dm screen http://tinyurl.com/c8zmn7″

Most of what I learned about D&D is that some of the players are way too into weapons.

March 20th, 3:01pm: “@Jerko Yeah, that’s the place, next to Tujunga canyon road, by the bank. We used to go to a drugstore in that strip mall to get Wacky Packs.”

Wacky Packs were the shit back in the day, Wil!  I have an uncut sheet framed in my office.  Gum and comedy all in one pack.  What happened to those days, Wil?

March 20th, 3:53pm: “If you’ve been inspired by my D&D posts to try the game yourself, tomorrow is Worldwide D&D Game Day: http://is.gd/lh7h”

Wil that’s just Hallmark scheme to sell Worldwide D&D Game Day greeting cards and candy.  Don’t let it ruin the holiday for you and commercialize.  We all know what its really about, the birth of our saviour, Gary Gygax.

March 20th, 3:58pm: “Well, it’s been a full week and casting hasn’t returned any of our calls. It’s safe to say that they’re not calling me back for that pilot.”

Dude!  That sucks!  I could totally see you and Levar Burton with your own detective show in the Star Trek Universe.  Also, maybe more auditions and less twittering.  Just a suggestion.

March 20th, 4:03pm: “New post on my blog: some cool sunken treasure news http://tinyurl.com/cl8ssp”

My God, Wil, you’re a relentless twitterer.  Take a breather and update your facebook page, will ya?

March 20th, 4:32pm: “If I ever meet the guy who designed Rainbow Road in MarioKart DS, I’m going to ask him why he hates us all so much.”

Turn your TV to black and whtie and it won’t hurt the eyes so much.

March 20th, 4:50pm: “I may have to take myself offline for several days, until I get caught up on BSG. I’m still about 15 eps. behind and fear teh spoilers.”

Lorne Greene dies at the end.  There, I ruined it for you.

March 23rd, 12:47am: “Morning Becomes Eclectic is really good today.”

Listening to music Wil?  I’ll just assume it’s about rolling dice and living in your parents’ basement.

March 23rd, 1:52pm: “By hook or by crook, you need to find and listen to Theresa Anderson, especially the track “Birds Fly Away.” Go now! Quick! Doo eet!”

Look, if you make all your nerd followers listen to cool music, they’ll get girlfriends, leave the internet and stop buying your shirts.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, buddy.

March 23rd, 2:29pm: “If you were wondering, I’ve been working on another Crazy Idea. This one is unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

If it’s anything like that poster, it’s going to be awesome.

March 23rd, 2:34pm: “New post on my blog: theresa andersson is phenomenal http://tinyurl.com/dmh2yf”

She a one-woman band dynamo, this is true.

March 23rd, 4:21pm: “It’s another day where I spent so much time writing and creating, I forgot to eat. I need to start leaving myself notes.”

No, that’s good.  Gotta stay skinny and in shape.  You need to buff up, bro.  Take acting jobs away from Brendan Fraser.  If you don’t, he’ll just make another Mummy movie.

March 23rd, 6:57pm: “Took a break, watched the most recent DOLLHOUSE on DVR. I *knew* Joss was going to do something awesome with this show.”

Really?  Did he somehow weave the story into a Buffy episode?

22 hours ago: “New post on my blog: Books I Love: A Saucerful of Secrets http://tinyurl.com/cfuf4q”

Music nerd cred.

22 hours ago: “My shirt.woot participated in Operation Cookie Drop. That’s 21K cookies for soldiers overseas. So awesome! http://is.gd/oDvf”

I don’t know how many cookies soldiers can eat in 100 degree heat.  I’d send them beer, but I’m sure they appreciate the cookies.

21 hours ago: “I know it’s just preseason, but dammit, a loss to the hated Angels of We Hope Nobody Realizes We’re Actually In Orange County still stings.”

Jeez, Wil, negative nerd cred.  Well, I suppose you have enough built up.  C’mon, talk about it in code next time.  Angels=orcs and Orange County=Mordor.

21 hours ago: “There are few things I enjoy as much as non-serious trash talking about professional sports. Thanks for the lulz, Angels fans. GO BLUE!”

Sports nerd cred.

10 hours ago: “New post on my blog: Books I Love: The Hacker Crackdown http://tinyurl.com/c3myqm”

Computer nerd cred.

6 hours ago: “Boy, Ziggy really *could* play guitar, couldn’t he?”

I read Ziggy every week and I have never seen him play a musical instrument at all.

3 hours ago: “Having lunch with @ShaneNickerson. Cleverly coordinating tweets. This is only funny to us. Shane has more characters left than me. He wins.”

Twitter nerd cred.  That’s the saddest nerd cred of all.

16 minutes ago:  “If I had a million dollars, I would open the greatest 80s retrocade in the world right here in Pasadena. This is my dream.”

Dude!  You don’t have a million dollars from being on Star Trek!  Did you blow it all on gold-plated D&D dice and character sheets made from cocaine?!  Or were you playing a different game?

Less than a minute ago:  “@OGbigMoneyMIKE I loved PakkMan arcade, and went there all the time before it closed. Good thing there’s a fucking RUG SHOP there now.”

Thank God, when would you have time to twitter?

Okay, Wil, you twittered 8 times in the time it took me to write this.  Bro, we want to see you in more movies and TV!  Put down the blackberry and get acting!  I love D&D dude, but my games always peaked when my friends were out of work.   That retrocade is just one new TV series away, dude.  I got it all in my head, you, Levar and a half robot monkey solve mysteries in a post apocalyptic future world where savage nerds rule the wasteland.  Think about it, it has legs.

Okay, I have to give will a 10 for Mustness, he always has a cool link or something on his twitter, a 7 for insanity (you’re on here way too much bro) and finally a 10 for Style (he’s nerd!  He’s proud!).  That’s an overall score of 9.  If you’re not following Wil Wheaton, you’re a bastard.  C’mon, follow Wil.  It’s the closest thing he has to a TV show right now.