Restaurant: Mission BBQ

Address:1901 Deptford Center Rd, Deptford Township, NJ 08096

Food:  Barbecue

Price:  Below Average

Portions:  Average

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  Friendly

Atmosphere:  Very Pro American

Mission BBQ is a super pro-American barbecue chain.  It’s cafeteria style, so you order and get your tray of food and then site down.  It was  pretty good deal, I have to say.  My sandwiched was stacked with plenty of brisket, the fries were fresh cut and I could get a side salad.  I cannot tell you how many barbecue places I’ve been in where there’s NEVER an option.  I just need one healthy thing to cancel out some of this meat and sugar, dammit!

So overall, the food was really good.  The salad was fresh, the fries were great and there were seven different bbq sauces to try.  The atmosphere, however, was a little over-the-top.  The walls are plastered with military stuff, fireman and police stuff.  I guess “mission” means like the army’s mission?  I find it a little too much.  The military are not the police in this country, nor are they the firemen.  I didn’t see EMT’s represented.  Should they be with this theme?

Another thing, they offered a large cup to “support the troops”.  What is that?  Do they give the money to the army?  I was very confused.  I assume it’s some charity, but they are also making money?  I think it’s fine to support the troops, I just found the entire atmosphere a little much.  On top of that, they played loud country music.  The food was good, but I think I will probably get my food to go next time.

I give the Mission BBQ 8 out of 10 keggers.