Restaurant: Tacos El Tio

Address:  200 Tuckerton Rd, Medford, NJ 08055

Food:  Mexican

Price:  Kinda High

Portions:  See Below

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  Okay

Atmosphere:  Standard Restaurant

So I was complaining that there wasn’t a high end taco place that JUST made tacos really well and fast.  (Well, actually, in Philly there are lots of them in the 9th Street Market, but I’m talking NJ.)  Anyhow, I see the name Tacos El Tio and I figure—  These guys make tacos!  Hooray!

They do, but they are not cheap.  They’re good, but at $24 for three Chorizo tacos, a Caesar salad and an iced tea, that’s a little too steep.  I mean, there should at least be FOUR tacos in there.  The salad was a decent size, but the base price was $8.  C’mon, for a salad?  The food was good, but not that good.  My waitress was okay, but she was pretty swamped and they were training a new girl.  The place was pretty busy and served booze, so it seemed pretty popular.

Part of my disappointment stemmed from the fact that it wasn’t a specialized place that made just tacos.  It was just a high end Mexican restaurant with a bar.  It’s a decent one, but too rich for my blood.  Personally, it’s too far from me to go back.  Maybe I’d take a date here if I was in the area, but otherwise I’d have to pass.

I give the  out of 6 out of 10 keggers.  Too pricey for what you get.