They remade Halloween so many times now, they split off into several different Halloween universes.  Here’s what I expect from further sequels.

  1. Jamie Lee Curtis must save her great, great, great grandchildren from Michael Meyers.
  2. Suffering from senility, Michael Meyers dresses like Austin Powers.
  3. Future movies now have body count number at bottom of screen.
  4. Video game is so old school, it has to be released in 4-bit.
  5. Michael Meyers uses time traveling DeLorian to set the time line right.
  6. Jason Voorhees show up half way through sequel and kills Michael.
  7. Turns out, the whole thing was a dream recreated by Freddie Krueger.
  8. Scooby and the gang capture Michael and pull off the mask, revealing Old Man Jenkins.
  9. Michael Meyers meets Chewbacca and does the Kessel Run in under five par secs.
  10. Someone gives Michael candy and he says, “Finally!” giving up his murder spree for good.