Restaurant: Super Wok

Address:  517 Warwick Rd., Somerdale, NJ

Food:  Chinese Takeout

Price:  Average

Portions:  Decent

Taste:  Good

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Take Out

Super Wok is located in a plaza not too far from me and is a really decent take out place.  I usually get some kind of chicken.  At the really cheap places, it’s so fried, it’s hard to taste.  Super Wok’s chicken is cooked just right.  It has a good balance of sauce and food.  Sometimes I wish I’d get more broccoli with my General Tso’s.  It’s a little inconsistent there.  Also, my egg roll tonight was kind of bland for some reason, but I did see them making the egg rolls by hand right there.

It’s a good place.  Definitely not a sit down place though.  I think there’s only two tables.  The dumplings are also good as are the soups.  If you’re a local, this is the place to go.

I give Super Wok 7 out of 10 keggers.  Fast and good.