Restaurant: Lacampagnola

Address: 439 Oakshade Road, Shamong, NJ 08088

Food:  Italian

Price:  Good

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Astonishingly Good

Service:  Solid

Atmosphere:  Fancy


First, let me tell that I absolutely could not do another Twitter in Focus tonight.  I’m up against a deadline and quite frankly, Twitter is an absolute cesspool right now.  Trying to find Twitter accounts that aren’t full of this surface political opinion (and I mean opinion that’s about as nuanced and knowledgeable as a meme) is nigh impossible now.  It’s, dare I say, WORSE than Facebook ever was because at least people post pictures of their kids and relatives and dying celebrities on Facebook.  Twitter is an endless font of narcissism mixed with virtue signalling mixed with self-righteous smugness you can actually smell off your computer monitor.  Jesus Christ people!  It’s bad enough Twitter actually had to prune the other accounts of those that didn’t agree with the current mob mentality that pervades the left side of U.S. politics.  It’s just an endless room of people talking, but not listening.  I don’t know if I’ll be doing Twitter in Focus anymore.  I didn’t want to repeat anyone and I’ve kind of covered everyone I liked.  I think any sane person has long since logged off.

Okay, back to this restaurant review.  (A much more pleasant experience!)  Lacampagnola was incredible and that’s saying something.  As long time readers know, I have a high, high, HIGH bar for Italian food.  This place really got it right.  Now it was a Mother’s Day dinner, so the menu was stripped down to accommodate the throng.  Fortunately, Chicken parm was still there.  I ordered it with the pasta, which I normally sub out for fries.  (I know, I’m a terrible Italian.)  But let me tell you something, the past was great.  Cooked to perfection, great sauce and even better bread and pizza bread.  I also had a shrimp cocktail, which was great, and I really enjoyed the house salad.

Overall, just very impressive.  I left quite full and satisfied.  Good iced tea too.  I give Lacampagnola 10 out of 10 keggers.  Can’t think of a thing wrong with it.  You should go, bros!