Suicide bombing is apparently a family business now.  Here now are the Ten Things I Expect From a Family of Suicide Bombers.

  1.  Mom always suggest wearing an extra bomb when it’s cold outside.
  2.  Kids constantly outgrowing suicide vests.
  3.  Dad insists on having better suicide bombs than neighbor family.
  4.  Chuck E. Cheese now number one target.
  5.  Family dog keeps slipping out of bomb vest and chewing on it.
  6.  Super high cellphone bill from detonating bombs.
  7.  Father argues with son about following in his footsteps in the family business.
  8.  Mom feeds dad diet food so that he doesn’t get too fat for his good suicide vest.
  9.  Father insists daughter wear less revealing bomb.
  10. All family trips mercifully short as they always abruptly end.