Restaurant: La Galleria

Address: 810 Ward Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

Food:  Italian/Pizza Stuff

Price:  Average

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Mind Blowing

Service:  Very Good

Atmosphere:  Pizzeria


My brother picked out this place for my folks’ belated Anniversary Dinner.  I was skeptical when we walked in.  It was a local pizzeria that served Italian food, but the place was packed.  That’s a good indication.  I also noticed they seemed to have good fries.  We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table and I noticed they had a lot of crazy pizzas.  One of them appeared to be a General Tso’s pizza.  I had to try it.

We sat down.  I order a slice of that, a garden salad and something called a Picasso sandwich with fries.  First up, the pizza.  It was incredible.  Not only did I have the choice of broccoli or no broccoli, but there was solid chicken on it throughout the slice.  I could’ve just eaten about five slices of that.  Next up, salad, definitely good and fresh.  My family got some other apps, so I tried them.  They had this garlic bread with broccolirob and sausage.  It’s good.

The bread was amazing.  No doubt they cooked it fresh in their ovens, but then we had this olive oil dip and man—  It was just about the best olive oil dip I’ve every had.  Amazing.  I wish I had the recipe.  I wanted to drink the whole thing.

The sandwich was delicious.  It was a chicken cutlet with mozzarella and penne vodka sauce.  OMG.  So rich!  By this time, I was filling up, so I had to save half of that.  But the fries!  The fries were fresh cut, bros!  Fresh cut fries are just the best.  God damn they were good!  Plus my nephew gave me a piece of his pizza, that was great—  White pizza with ricotta.  My other nephew gave me a taste of his desert, which was like a chocolate cover peanut butter ganache.  (By this time, all I could do is take a little taste.)

Jesus, it’s amazing.  You have to take a trek to this place.  If I could, I would invest in doubling the size of this place.  All amazing food!

I give La Galleria 9.5 out of 10 keggers.  It’s a little crowded, but his cook has some chops!