Restaurant: El Guacamole

Address: 110 N High St. Millville, New Jersey 08332

Food:  Mexican

Price:  Average

Portions:  Okay

Taste:  Not Great

Service:  Really Good

Atmosphere:  Kind like a pizzeria


I feel bad, because I wanted to like this place.  I was super hungry and the people that worked there were very nice.

I ordered a Burrito Americano and I read the ingredients: steak, lettuce, tomato, jalopenos, mayo and french fries on the side.  Only problem was, too much mayo and the whole thing fell apart when I ate it.  Also, it just wasn’t good.  I felt like I had eaten a mayo sandwich.  The fries were barely acceptable.  Definitely the frozen kind, but not bottom barrel.

I had overheard people talking about this place at my book signing.  Honestly, I feel like I ordered the wrong thing.  For a Mexican place, I just assumed the Mexican portion would be so awesome, even some Americanized version of a burrito would be good.  But the jalopenos weren’t even hot and the steak didn’t have any taste.  Even the salsa with my chips I didn’t like.

Somehow, I feel like I ordered wrong.  I would never order the Burrito Americano.  Maybe I’d go back for something with guacamole, since that’s the name.  But jeez, I felt bloated after all that mayo.

I give El Guacamole 4 out of 10 keggers.  Sorry guys.  I partly blame myself, but I was a bit food deprived.