I love this show and it’s still good.

This is a key season to watch as it is the last season with the character, Jim Lahey. Sadly, the actor that played him passed away, but he plays an amazing drunk. I’m not sure how they’re going to explain his passing in the show, but actor John Dunsworth, who played Lahey, really deserved an award for his acting. His comedic timing combined with his absolutely sad and pathetic drunk voice is inspiring in its way.

In this season, Bubbles creates his own brand of beer, while Ricky and Julian go straight. But while Julian is mostly doing it for his next scheme, Ricky’s sincere attempts at trying to be a handyman are a new level of hilarity. Additionally, he’s got a new girlfriend, Susan, who is a great addition to the cast.

The writing is still tight as ever on the show and if you haven’t see TPB, this is your last chance to see the master drunk. Plus you should really just Binge Watch the entire series. It’s amazing. If you like low brow comedy, it doesn’t get much lower than a Canadian trailer park.

Big thumbs up, boys! Trailer Park Boys is greasy and decent as always. Now on Netflix.