Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3 is coming.  Here’s what I expect:

  1.  Alex Winter’s agent will be extremely happy.
  2.  Ted goes back in time so that his daughter picks a cheaper college.
  3.  Bill goes back in time so that he gets the prostate examine he desperately needed.
  4.  Halfway through the movie, Keanu Reeves forgets where he’s at and shoots everyone John Wick style.
  5.  Bill and Ted go back in time and rewrite the second movie.
  6.  Dr. Who shows up and sues them for stealing his phone booth thing.
  7.  Alex Winter goes back in time and stops himself from making Freaked.
  8. Keanu Reeves goes back in time and relives his awesome life a second time.
  9.  Brian and Stewie replace Rufus and repair the time machine in act 2.
  10.  Everyone will remember the first two movies as being much better than they actually are.