Altered Carbon is an epic, sci-fi series set in a Blade Runner type dystopian future. Unlike the sequel to Blade Runner, it has many layers and an unbelievable amount of detail. Like the original Blade Runner, it is crime noir.

The premise (and it’s very detailed so this is a very basic, basic summation): Takeshi Kovacs is an Envoy warrior brought back to life after 250 years. The reason this can happen is that humans invented “the stack”, a device placed in the back of the neck that records the human brain. Should your body die, you can be brought back to life. However, there are some complications with that the show explores.

Kovacs is brought back to solve a murder, but as the first season unravels, there is much, much more to learn about the characters and settings. Pay attention, because it gets pretty complex. Since many of the characters can literally switch bodies, this gives the actors a chance to play multiple characters in the same body or the same character as different actors. Like I said, pay attention!

The only thing that feels a little bit antiquated in this futuristic world are the cops. The police station seems pretty 20th century. That aside, the show explores what it is to live, to die and to be human. In many ways, this is a classic sci-fi series. Unlike most TV series, you get most of the payoffs you really want. Because of the premise, the show is also drives away the idea of reoccurring characters, which is often strained in a long series. With this premise, the producers are free to pick and choose actors as they need them, which gives the show a very dynamic and organic feel.

The cast is great and if they do what I think they’re going to do in the second season, it would be pretty groundbreaking for television.

Big thumb way up, bros. Watch Altered Carbon, one of the Netflix original series.