Ingredients:  Hot freshman chick, can of chicken soup, microwave, $17, one beer, your bro’s car, cold medicine

Step 1:  Make out with hot freshman chick who sneezes alot at fraternity kegger.

Step 2:  Wake up next day, realize she was sick and now you are too.

Step 3:  Borrow bro’s car while he’s passed out from previous night’s kegger.

Step 4:  Drive to store.  Realize $17 is only enough for cold medicine and one can of soup.  Buy both.

Step 5:  Drive back to campus, take cold medicine.

Step 6:  Uncan soup, forget you just took cold medicine and drink a beer.

Step 7:  Put soup in microwave as you’re getting drowsy.

Step 8:  Pass out on kitchen counter, wake up to smoke alarm.

Step 9:  Realize you set the microwave to 300 minutes instead of three minutes, the kitchen is on fire and everyone is screaming.

Step 10:  Get dragged outside frat house and checked by EMT’s.

Step 11:  EMT’s tell you that you have a cold and should get soup and plenty of rest.