After five years of being stuck inside the Ecuadorian embassy, Julian Assange may finally get to go free.  Here’s now the ten things I think he should do.

  1.  Air out that stinky bedroom he’s been living in.
  2.  Eat some food that isn’t from Ecuador.
  3.  Call Papa John’s and order a pizza just as he’s leaving.
  4.  Get home and empty out his mailbox from the last five years.
  5.  Chew out the person that was suppose to feed his fish and water his plants.
  6.  Still secrets from a warm, tropical clime like Aruba.
  7.  Renew his membership in the near-albino club.
  8.  Knee Benedict Cumberbatch in the balls for making that movie about him.
  9.  Pretend to catch up on all the movies and TV shows he actually pirated as they came out.
  10.  Continue saving world via laptop, but get more fresh air.