Hey Bros!

I gotta book about Italians coming out in March!  Here’s ten things I learned.  It’s a little sneak peek into my research!

  1.  There are way more types of pasta than even I thought.
  2.  The tomato didn’t reach Italy until the 1500’s.
  3.  Italians didn’t invent pasta.
  4.  The Chinese didn’t invent pasta.
  5.  Italians were interred with the Japanese in the U.S. during WW 2.
  6.  Lady Gag has a really Italian real name.
  7.  Besides Popes, there were Anti-Popes.
  8.  Italy wasn’t a country until the mid-1800’s.
  9.  The Sicilians picked their own king after overthrowing the French.
  10.  The oldest Italian festival in the U.S. has been held in Hammonton, NJ (where my dad is from) since 1875.