Twitter has changed the world and it has changed me.  Here’s Ten Things I Learned from Twitter.

  1.  Everyone is a seething cauldron of rage if you broach the wrong topic.
  2.  280 is still not enough characters for idiots to make their political views known.
  3.  Nobody actually wants answer to rhetorical questions or actual ones.
  4.  Twitter is slowly turning into Facebook, which is slowly turning into MySpace and Friendster.
  5.  I liked the Internet better when it was “just for computer nerds”.
  6.  Everyone hates Donald Trump and spends all day agreeing to that fact.
  7.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson must burn through the battery on his phone faster than any other human with his many updates.
  8.  If you don’t retweet someone who retweets you, you are worse than Hitler.
  9.  If you’re winning an argument, you’re worse than Hitler.
  10.  Twitter is worse than Hitler.