My nephew told me about a new mobile game built by fans of Pokemon Go that improve upon the original mobile game concept.  Draconius Go is basically Pokemon, but with more dragons and more dimensions.  Literally.

Like Pokemon, you capture monsters in little balls at various locations IRL using the radar on your GPS on your phone.  These guys have expanded upon the initial concept, so not only do you capture monsters and hatch them from eggs, but you also travel through dimension rifts to capture different monsters.  You can also hatch special golden eggs with the mother of all dragons who only resides in the other dimension.  Rifts show up randomly on the map.

Instead of stops, you have Pillars of Abundance.  There are much more of them than stops.

Backing up, to get those previously mentioned golden eggs, you need to find fragments of a treasure map, compare that to an actual map of the area, find it, then use shovels to dig in the spots illustrated (Up to nine per map).  Also, random treasure chests show up and give you free stuff.

Additionally, you get quests and collect runes.  The quests reward you will spell recipes that you can use by expending the runes.  The spells do interesting things like reach stops that are too far to reach, award bonuses and filter weaker monsters.

There are also artifacts you can buy or find.  These artifacts award permanent bonuses to the user during the hunt.

To me, the maps have been the best part of the game.  It is TOUGH to figure out where the map is and you probably will get into your car to get to the map.  (At least I did during the second map I found, which was 8 miles away.)

You also capture arenas and libraries.  Arenas award gold, libraries allow you to change up your monsters’ abilities.  The only downside, so far, is that some of the pillars, libraries and arenas are completely inaccessible, but I hear they’re working on it.  Overall, I’m enjoying the game immensely.  The guys who built it seem way more responsive than the Pokemon Go guys.  Although I continue to keep up with it, the only Pokemon I see are very common these days.


I give Draconius Go 9 out of 10 keggers.