Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Margot Robbie!  This generation’s Sharon Stone!  She is hotter than a pile of firecrackers on the sun!  Let’s see what she’s tweeting!


July 20, 2106:  “Photo cred to the creepy pap hiding in the bushes. Thanks for always catching me at my best…

That’s a pretty action-oriented pose.  You look badass!

August 4, 2016:  “This chick  thank you

Hot chicks hang with other hot chicks.  It’s a rule.

August 26, 2016:  “EiisaYoisa! Making Mochi with  @ Inakaya Roppongi (West)

That looks like fun.

August 26, 2016:  “Hedgehog cafe in  @ ハリネズミ専門店 HARRY

That one looks delicious!

December 6, 2016:  “These are the words of a young Syrian woman who aside from circumstance is no different to you or I.

Sigh.  I wish we’d stop bombing and occupying the Middle East.

February 7, 2017:  “Needs of children have never been greater. Put by supporting ’s lifesaving work:”

Australia’s got a lot of room.  Should be able to ship some of them there.  America right now…you probably don’t want to come here for a while.

February 28th:  “A film maker I really believe in… Do yourself a favour and check this out! x”

Looks interesting.

March 5th:  “If you want some good karma to come your way this Sunday please donate for my dear friend Toby!”

Looks like they made their goal.  Nice job, Margot.

July 25th:  opening in NY Friday, more US cities in August. Get your tickets and SAVE THE DOGS –

Aw, poor doggies.  But their power is green.

August 1st:  “ROAD TRIP!  your with zero emissions.

And here’s the solution to the previous post.  Electric sleds.

August 3rd:  “Had such a magical time shooting this. Trust me, you don’t want to miss

Sounds cute.

August 15th:  “LOVE IS LOVE Aussie’s register to vote before August 24th:

Vote Wikileaks, I say.

September 26th:  “To my fellow Aussies, If you haven’t already, let’s open our minds and hearts and vote YES. For we are young and free to marry who we chose!”

Still no gay marriage in Australia?  I’m surprised.  You Aussies are usually so laid back.

September 26th:  “Never want to be bias so here’s the flip side to the argument… Vote “No” to Marriage Equality via

Good video (it was really pro-gay marriage btw).

October 5th:  “I’m Supporting the by .Tee was designed by the Delevingne’s & is available TODAY

Breast cancer gets overplayed here.  Good for you recognizing the vagina is just as, if not more, important.

October 10th:  “In good company – thrilled to be on the cover of with so many inspiring women  

You look so young in that one.

October 19th:  “This is the VERY FIRST LOOK , also starring Sebastian Stan and . Coming soon to theaters!”

When I first heard about this movie, I made fun of it.  Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m warming up to seeing this.

Okay, let’s rate Margot’s tweets.  Pretty crazy.  Ran the gamut.  And it’s nice to see a celebrity not constantly tweeting about themselves.  I give her a 4 for Mustness, an 8 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.3, but I’m bumping it up to 9.  To me, this is the kind of Twitter feed everyone should have.  Don’t post something every ten fucking minutes.  Only when you got something to say.

And if you have something to say or want to make a suggestion for TIF, email me here.