The original Quagmire is dead.  But the legendary stories of him and his adventurous penis live on.  Here are Ten Things I Learned about Hugh Hefner.

  1.  He enlisted during World War II.
  2. The original name of Playboy was going to be Stag Party.
  3.  The playmates had a 9pm curfew.
  4.  He banned Luke Wilson from the Playboy Mansion.
  5.  He never met (or banged) Marilyn Monroe.
  6.  His brother and mother helped on the initial investment in Playboy Magazine.
  7.  Hefner was arrested in obscenity charges in 1963 for the Playboy’s pictorial on Jane Mansfield, but the charges were dropped.
  8.  Playboy was the first men’s magazine for the blind.
  9. The grotto pool made everyone sick once.
  10. Hef had two dozen girlfriends at once, one would be number one and sleep in the same room, while the others would rotate in and out (so to speak).  Legend.