Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is rock god, Mick Jagger!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting!


August 6th:  “The calm before the tour..

Hey!  I got that hammock!  Hammocks are the great levelers.

August 7th:  “Great performance by England, winning the test series.”

Some kind of English sport.  I’m guessing cricket or meat pie eating contest.  Either or.

August 10th:  “Just over four weeks to go!

It’s amazing that these guys are still on tour.  I haven’t seen them live since Steel Wheels.  Great tour tho.

August 12th:  “Follow on Instagram

Who is that punk kid?  Looks like he rocks.

August 15th:  “The two MJ’s dance class!”

Finally, action figures.  Need a groupie action figure.

August 22nd:  “Get yer ya ya’s out!

So classic!

August 28th:  https://twitter.com/MickJagger/status/902279953252839424

Man, black and white TV.  So crazily old clip.

August 29th:  “In rehearsals for

People forget begin a rock god is hard work.

August 30th:  “So sad to hear about David Tang. He was so generous and so much fun we will all miss him.”

That is such a shame he died before his party.

September 2nd:  “1 week till we’re back out on the road!

I like the shirt.  Mick always has good shirts.

September 5th:  “Hamburg we’ll see you in 4 days!

Do the Stones do songs in German?

September 7th:  “2 days to go!

I wonder how many shows it takes to get the kinks out.  I’m guessing eight.

September 9th:  “Checking out wardrobe for tonight’s show, you ready Hamburg?

Ooo, behind-the-scenes!  My favorite!

September 10th:  “Thank you Hamburg for an amazing first show!

That reminds me of something.

17 hours ago:  “Great to be back in Munich! See you at the Olympic Stadium tonight

What a life he must lead.

Okay, let’s rate Mick’s tweets.  I give him 10 across the board.  Sorry, totally biased.  Mick is the king.  Follow him.

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