Restaurant:  La Fuente Mexican Grill

Address:  23206 Columbus Rd, Suite C, Columbus, NJ 08022

Food:  Mexican

Price:  Above Average

Portions:  Average

Taste:  Pretty Good

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Custom made

So after finally winning a game of Unfair, my brother and I had to go grab some dinner.  This place was new and he wanted to try it, so since I won, why not?

Now, when I say “new” I mean that this place probably opened within the last couple of weeks.  Brand new furniture, custom made for the restaurant greets you.  It’s really nice.  It had images of people from Mexico and Mexican things.  Bright, colorful and on the tables and the seats.  The staff was a little tentative, but they’re all new and very friendly.

The nachos were good and the salsa was appropriately mild.  They were out of iced tea, but hey, they’re new.  I got the Burrito and Taco combo.  An interesting combo and one I would’ve loved to order in other places.  The taco was decent, flour tortilla and steak.  The burrito, I had my choice of meat and choose chicken.  It was cheesy and injected with salsa verde, which I like.  I was just about full, but at $17.99, I thought it was a little pricey.  Maybe if I had gotten a salad or soup with it.

Overall, pretty decent place.  I give it 7 out of 10 keggers.  The decor is almost worth the trip.