Based on the novels by Neil Gaiman, American Gods is about Shadow Moon. Shadow is an ex-con that gets roped into a weird world of gods living in America. Many of the gods are ancient ones reimagined for the modern age. Highlights include Lucille Ball, goddess of TV, played by Gillian Anderson. Ian McShane plays Odin, a shifty god. He’s one of the best actors. Big fan of his ever since his days as Lovejoy on the BBC.

The series plays out very much like a Gaiman comic book. There are MANY characters and it really takes the whole first season for you to get your brain wrapped around it all. But it’s fun and worth the ride. It’s playing on Starz and I watched it on On-Demand. It’s inventive, creative and fun.

I give American Gods 8 out of 10 keggers. Check it out, bros.