Ingredients: 1/4 kegger, one bottle of Grand Marnier, bus, airport, burrito, microwave.

Step 1:  Drink about 1/4 keg of beer at a sorority mixer.

Step 2:  Stagger into wrong room and uncover housemate’s bottle of Grand Marnier.

Step 3:  Ignore labels on bottle and obvious age of bottle and open it.

Step 4:  Drink one quarter of bottle, rush to bathroom to throw up.

Step 5:  Over hear housemate discovering open bottle in room.

Step 6:  Climb out window, fall into bushes.

Step 7:  Hear housemate threaten you from his room.

Step 8:  Run across campus, chased by housemate.

Step 9:  Duck into freshman party, hide in closet.

Step 10:  Throw up in closet.

Step 11:  Get thrown out by freshman.

Step 12:  Walk to Student Union, remember sad time when you broke up with girlfriend there.

Step 13:  Spot bus pulling up.  Decide to get on it.

Step 14:  Stagger to bus stop, get on bus.

Step 15:  Walk to back of bus, pass out.

Step 16:  Wake up at last stop at airport.

Step 17:  Get out, walk into airport.

Step 18:  Find microwave burritos at only store still open.

Step 19:  Microwave burrito for 8 minutes by mistake.

Step 20:  Burn mouth on burrito, drop it on floor.